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Parents Group - Cardinal Caregivers Group

Greetings from the newly formed Cardinal Caregivers Group!

What we are

The Cardinal Caregivers Group (CCG) is a collaboration between Keene Middle School parents, guardians, and caregivers coming together for the betterment of our Keene Middle School learning community. The CCG is envisioned as a conduit between caregivers and school administration, capturing and creating dialogue on matters important to all. Our hope is that the CCG will play an active role in the school community, giving caregivers an opportunity for greater participation in the educational lives of the students they love.

How we operate

The CCG is open to ALL caregivers in the KMS community and we encourage you to get involved. The group is structured with Cluster Caregiver Representatives to aid in streamlining communication and event organizing. 
Find your rep below:

Cluster A - Joanna Serth
Cluster B - Stephanie Yarbrough-Morgan
Cluster C - Carrie Holmes 
Cluster D - Karen Rent
Cluster E - Melody Larson
Cluster F - 
Reserve - 

We are still looking for a Cluster Caregiver Representative for Cluster F and for an at-large representative. Please contact us if you can fill either of those roles!

How to contact us

The CCG would like to hear from YOU! What topics of interest would you like to see discussed at upcoming meetings - student mental health, the science of social media? What ideas do you have for enriching the lives of our students? What assistance can you offer as we get this much-needed group established? Email us with your comments and suggestions!