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Keene Middle School operates on the belief that students learn best in a supportive, inclusionary environment. Special education services are provided in the regular education setting as much as possible. When necessary, teachers are available to work individually or with small groups of students in an alternative setting.

As students move through the middle school, they work with their special educators to understand their learning styles and become advocates for their educational needs. It is a common goal for all students, upon eighth-grade graduation, to be aware of their learning style and to be able to advocate for their educational needs.

KMS currently has two sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade level clusters. Within these clusters, there are special educators as part of the teaching team, as well as support staff who are closely supervised by the team. One of the clusters is aligned with our Bridges and English as a Second Language program, and the other is aligned with our Horizons and Vistas programs. Our program teachers and counselors work with students who have special needs that go beyond the supports and services in the general special education setting. These teachers/case managers teach small group classes, communicate with parents, and provide the intense services in our building that can often be found in an alternative setting outside of KMS.

The general special education teacher's day typically consists of teaching small group classes to children with identified disabilities who are performing significantly below grade level, assisting with implementing the Master Notebook System adopted by Landmark College, co-teaching/co-planning with classroom teachers, communicating and coordinating with parents, teachers and/or specialists, and supporting all children in the regular education classes to promote social and academic inclusion. Collecting and using data to drive instruction is also a part of their role. They are all trained in the Language! and the Collins Writing Program.

Below are some helpful links regarding the special education process and the rights of parents, children, and schools.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

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