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Keene Middle School Graduation Update

Parents/guardians of graduating eighth graders are cordially invited to attend the Achievement Day program scheduled on Wednesday, June 23rd at 1:30pm in Keene Middle School.


Parking for this event will be in the parking lot by the auditorium. Please drive into the parking lot by the KMS sign and turn right into the auditorium parking lot. Overflow parking will be behind the SAU offices, behind Jonathan Daniels School near the tennis courts, at Trinity Lutheran Church and the First Baptist Church.


Seating for this event will begin at 1:00. The outside doors will be open at this time. If you or a guest needs to have provisions for handicap accessibility, please call Jill DeJesus (357-9020 x0) to receive information regarding this. The ceremony usually lasts 60 minutes.


As previously shared, due to current safety procedures, guests will be seated in one of various locations within KMS but not in the auditorium with the students.
The door through which guests will enter will be dependent on viewing location. We are very excited to share that we are also able to share a live stream link so that family and friends who are unable to attend in person are able to view the ceremony from alternate locations.