Reading » Tier One Reading

Tier One Reading

Tier One Reading

Addresses skill areas of reading:

  • Vocabulary - through word history and study (roots, prefixes, suffixes)
  • Advanced phonics and word study
  • Comprehension

Reading Strategy instruction

  • Generating Questions
  • Answering questions to find information that is literal, inferential, and associative
  • Using graphic and semantic organizers
  • Using story and text structure as a guide
  • Monitoring one's own comprehension and utilizing fix-up strategies
  • Summarizing

Study skills program

  • Identifying main idea
  • Summarizing
  • Note-making
  • Organization of text
  • Other related skills
  • Supports content classes through study skill instruction

Fluency - as a means of adjusting speed to match purpose, type of text, and understanding

  • Incorporates all aspects of literacy into instruction (writing, speaking, listening, viewing, etc.)
  • Develops and reinforces study skills instruction
  • Includes a strong independent reading component
  • Develops and reinforces strategies for reading informational text
  • Supports English in areas pertinent to reading skills and content
  • Uses data assessment to drive planning and instruction