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Independent Reading


Students at KMS will participate in independent reading to build fluency, increase vocabulary, build background, apply the strategies learned in their reading classes, and gain information that supports their interests and strengths. (Based on studies by LaBerge & Samuels, 1974; Allington, 1984; Stonovich, 1991; Bridge, Winograd, & Haley, 1983; Dowhower, 1987; Herman, 1985; Baumann & Kameenui, 1991; Anderson & Pearson, 1984)

After investigating a wide array of activities and the correlation between reading achievement and reading improvement, the Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding (1988) study on independent reading determined that "the amount of time students spend in independent reading was the best predictor of reading achievement and also the best predictor of the amount of gain in reading achievement made by students between second and fifth grade." It is our belief that these gains will be extended through independent reading in the middle school years as students continue to read to learn.


  • Students will be scheduled the necessary time throughout their school week to engage in independent reading.
  • Students will be encouraged to read a wide range of print/nonprint texts to build understanding with goals set by teachers.
  • Wide range of literature from different genres and periods will be encouraged.
  • Students will apply reading comprehension strategies learned in class.
  • Choices of books will be made independently based on a student's lexile levels
  • Students will respond to their independent reading in reading through a variety of activities.
  • Independent reading will be part of a grade in their Reading class.