Instructional Resources


Plan Stage Plan Stage Resources
  • Consider content objectives
  • Literacy objectives 
  • What do kids need to know going into this lesson?
  • What should kids be able to do going into this lesson?
  • What vocab do kids need to comprehend the lesson?
  • What words should kids learn deeply?
  • Differentiate for interest     
  • Quick Write                  
  • Top Down Web
  • Connections to prior knowledge
Body of Lesson
  • Differentiate by process/interest
  • 2 column note formats         
  • Close Reading
  • Bloom's questions              
  • Main idea                          
Study Skills
  • Notebook organization
  • Test preparation
  • Time management
  • Short/long term memory
  • KMS Study Skills Program
  • Differentiate for product                 
  • Summarizing content 
  • Bloom's questioning                
  • Testing