7th Grade Music Trip to NYC!

Seventh grade students in Band, Chorus, and Strings are eligible to participate in this fun-filled day trip to New York City. Highlights include a guided tour of Manhattan, lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, and tickets to the new Broadway musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

This year's trip will be held on Saturday, March 24th, 2018.

Musical Notes In Gold.pngPlease click here to download the information packet, which contains instructions for trip registration and other pertinent details. 

You are also welcome to view the power point slideshow presented at the initial parent meeting by clicking here.

If you have questions after viewing the above documents, please contact Mrs. Hahs for more information!


Click here to view this year's Band Handbook. Page 11 was due back on Tuesday, September 26th with parent and student signatures. 

Please contact your band director, Mrs. Hahs, with any questions you may have.


Nightly homework for ALL band students: Practice 100 or more minutes each 6-day cycle, broken up over several days. One suggestion for budgeting your time: spend 20-25 minutes practicing five nights each week. This gives you two nights off every week! 

 How to structure your practice routine:

  1. Start with scales, long tones, and lip slurs (rudiments for percussion), 2-3 minutes
  2. Spend the next 10-15 minutes on sectionals assignments, and your current band and/or jazz band music.
  3. Spend the last part of your practice session, however long, playing music YOU want to play!

 Tips to get the most out of your practice sessions:

  • Look at just a few measures at a time. DO NOT just play from beginning to end on each piece.
  • Be truly picky about the notes and rhythms you hear yourself playing. Are they correct?
  • Listen to professional recordings. YouTube and JWPepper are great resources.
  • Find a book of fun tunes for your instrument at the music store, learn some duets, play old band music you enjoyed, use SmartMusic if you have it on your computer or iPad. Improvise, or even compose songs on your own. All of these things can make practice time fun!
  • Use a metronome. Don't have one? Search Google or go to
  • Use a tuner. Don't have one? Here's a free online tuner you can use!
  • Play with a friend or family member.
  • Check out this great website about practicing!

The KMS Band Program is open to all students who wish to play their instruments in a quality performance ensemble. The majority of our band students have been playing since elementary school. Any students wishing to join the band program as a beginner should contact Mrs. Hahs for more information.

It is of utmost importance that students' instruments be in working condition in order for them to participate fully in band classes. If your instrument is in need of repair, we recommend you send it to either Ellis Music or bring it to Elm City Music to have it looked at. A representative from Ellis Music comes to KMS every Thursday to pick up/drop off instruments for repair, fill supply orders, etc.

Ellis Music Co.

Acoustic Strings

Elm City Music

(800) 244-7664

(603) 354-7979

(603) 762 0133