Planet Research

Our Solar System  - Quick Info site


Novi Meadows Elementary School 2001 - -  Basic facts.  Find your planet and get started


NASA (US GOV) website - Another good beginning, but more technical.  For your planet:  get some "Facts & Figures" and check ou the "Kid's Eye View" and see how much you would weigh on that planet!


Windows to the Universe  - Levels of information (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)


Enchanted  - Find your planet and go!


Kids version of  - Click on the 1st picture to get started.  Click on planet name to get some quick facts, then go back and click on "rocket" at bottome of the page to "find out more about our nine planets."  Find the link to the "Planet Pit Stop" and check out the weighing station.


Astronomy for Kids  - Find your planet in teh orbiting solar system or click on the name on the left.


Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System  - Find your planet and follow the links for information.  Check out the "ten facts..." about your planet.