Tier One Reading

Tier One Reading:

Addresses skill areas of reading:

  • Vocabulary - through word history and study (roots, prefixes, suffixes)
  • Advanced phonics and word study
  • Comprehension

+Reading Strategy instruction

Generating Questions
Answering questions to find information that is literal, inferential, and associative
Using graphic and semantic organizers
Using story and text structure as a guide
Monitoring one's own comprehension and utilizing fix-up strategies

+Study skills program

Identifying main idea
Organization of text
Other related skills
Supports content classes through study skill instruction

  • Fluency - as a means of adjusting speed to match purpose, type of text, and understanding


Incorporates all aspects of literacy into instruction (writing, speaking, listening, viewing, etc.)

Develops and reinforces study skills instruction 

Includes a strong independent reading component

Develops and reinforces strategies for reading informational text 

Supports English in areas pertinent to reading skills and content

Uses data assessment to drive planning and instruction