Reading Fluency and Accuracy


The National Reading Panel has included fluency as one of the critical components of reading development.  Laberge and Samuels  presents fluency as a theory of automatic information processing in reading as a twofold processing occurring in milliseconds.  First, printed words must be decoded, second, the decoded words must be comprehended.

Fluent reading occurs when a reader is reading with appropriate pauses for breaks between language units and is using appropriate pitch and stress to convey and receive the author's intended message. (Briggs, C & Forbes, Salli. Phrasing in Fluent Reading: Process and Product)



Reads grade-level appropriate materials with:

  • Accuracy: reading material appropriate for grade 7 with at least 90-95% accuracy
  • Fluency: reading with appropriate silent and oral reading fluency rates as determined by test demands, and purpose for reading.
  • Fluency: reading familiar text with phrasing and expression, and with attention to text features such as punctuation, italics, and dialogue (local)


Repeated Readings

Paired Readings

Choral Reading

Read Naturally

Six Minute Solution