LaQuerre, Rebecca 
Grade 6, 7, 8 Art
Nelken, Mirana
Grade 6,7, 8 Art

Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to the following students from Keene Middle School who received Scholastic Art awards this year!

Stephanie  Ager A Slice of Blueberry Pie Ceramics & Glass Gold Key

Sydney Fugere Caution Painting Gold Key  

Georgia Gempler Self Portrait Painting Gold Key

Fallon Smith Self Portrait Painting Honorable Mention

Merium Weirnich Inspiration Mixed Media Silver Key

6th Grade Art News

Sixth Grade Lessons Include:

  • Portfolio Design
  • Clay project
  • One point perspective/drawing unit
  • Color wheel theory
  • Drawing Unit
  • Mixed media project
  • Art analysis,Reading and reflections
  • If time: Disability/ Ability and the Arts, Advertising Deconstruction, Still life

7th Grade Art news

Seventh Grade Lessons Include:

  •  Portfolio Design 
  • Clay project
  • Drawing from observation
  • Mixed Media project
  • Basket Making 
  • 2 point perspective composition
  • Color wheel theory
  • Art analysis,Reading and reflections
  • If time: Still life

8th Grade Art News

Eighth Grade Lessons include:

  •  Portfolio Design
  • Clay project
  • Pop art portraits
  • Drawing exercises
  • Still Life
  • Written art analysis
  • Reading and reflecting on artist, or period in art
  • Color wheel theory, discussion and lecture, exercises, and quiz

‚ÄčScholastic Art Awards

pieSelf Portrait GemplerSelf Portrait SmithMixed MediaCaution