Cluster D


In English, we are continuing to deepen our knowledge of different strategies and styles of writing and applying it to the work that is being done in reading class. We will be learning how to write deeper analysis essays in order to engage with our world in meaningful ways through writing.


In READING, students are reading excerpts from the Narrative of the LIfe of Frederick Douglass and exploring the effects of slavery on the people who were enslaved and the slaveholders themselves.  Students will choose parts of Douglass’s life to create a children’s book.


We recently finished up a unit on Natural Selection and Change Over Time, where students researched adaptations of animals and studied fossils of whales and humans to see how their ancestors changed over time. These studies lead into the next unit, which focuses on Fossils and Geologic Time. For this, students will examine fossil evidence in rock layers and analyze the distribution of fossils and rocks to understand how the surface of the earth has changed over time.

Social Studies

Our focus in Social Studies is now the epic struggle between England and France for domination in North America.  King William’s War, Queen Anne’s War, King George’s War and the Seven Years’ War lead to  England’s victory and to creating our American identity. Then we will tackle the conditions that lead to American independence from Great Britain. Our focus in Social Studies is on how Americans moved from loyal British subjects to revolutionaries in a relatively short period of time. What were the causes of the American Revolution? How did America fight and win a war for Independence from Great Britain? How did the United States come to be created? We will examine the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights in our units of study.And, we will continue to keep an eye on current national and world affairs.


Math Classes Periods 1, 2, 4, and 5

During the 3 rd semester, our math classes will focus on developing a strong

understanding of ratios, rates and proportions. These skills will be essential as

we begin our exploration of percents. This will be an opportunity for students

to follow a stock for a period of time and ‘track’ its gains or losses. Lessons on

percents are part of Chapter 6.

Accelerated Math Period 8

During the 3 rd semester, we will have completed lessons on proportions, slope and percent and will be beginning a new unit on 2- dimensional geometry involving Chapters 7 and 12 in our textbook. This unit will involve geometric relationships involving polygons and give the class an opportunity to put their strong algebra skills to work.

The online textbook, , continues to be a great resource for extra audio examples and also if your child leaves their math assignment at school, the lesson can be found online. The access codes for each class are located on our homework portion of this webpage.

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