Math Fax

What is MathFax

MathFax is a national math competition that was started back in 1997.  Hundreds of schools from grade 3 through Advanced Math in high school participate.  At Keene Middle School, we have currently have one team representing seventh grade. 

Unlike most competitions that occur only once a year, MathFax is comprised of a series of four competitions spread throughout the year.  Each competition involves students taking a 30-minute math test. The cumulative scores of the four tests determine the winning teams and winning individuals.  The top three students for each school receive a certificate.  The top student for each division receives a trophy.  The top school in each division receives a plaque.

A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Fairbanks, Mrs. Snowling, Mrs. McRae, and Mr. Paone for administering the tests.